Blueballs, Anyone?

It’s no secret: I like obnoxious humor that flirts with the idea of being borderline inappropriate and offensive. This is probably why I love Chelsea Handler and the comediens she surrounds herself with on a daily basis. A few years back, after a lengthy love affair with Chelsea’s show, I started to attend her live performances. The first show I caught in Vegas featured one of my favorites opening up for her, Sarah Colonna…and was absolutely hilarious of course. A few months later, I caught her again when she came in Pittsburgh, only this time there was a pleasant surprise: Heather McDonald was the opening act. For those not into Chelsea or ridiculous humor, you may not know who Heather is, but I can assure you she is HILARIOUS. Her act was actually funnier and ended up being much better than Chelsea’s, which was an absolute shock.

After my live encounter with Heather McDonald, I, of course, continued to follow her comedic acts on Chelsea Lately. I enjoyed her imitations of Celine Dion and loved her level of offensive humor. Imagine my delight when she announced she was writing a book! I couldn’t wait to read it. In fact, I was so excited it took nearly six months to actually do it (Cut me some slack, I have a lot going on!).  Yesterday, after a ridiculous day of letdowns and annoyances, I decided it was finally time to read about Heather and her blueballin’.


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Two hours and 263 pages later, I was done. As in I read the book cover to cover without stopping. I won’t lie…I did sneak a peak online about the reviews before I started to read, which all said how terrible it was. However, after recently watching a little movie called Burlesque that also received horrible reviews, I decided I would give it a chance. After all, I loved Burlesque and still am baffled by the fact that critics had so many awful things to say about it.

Who is two for two in the Prove ‘Em Wrong Category? That would be me. Despite the reviews, I loved this book and strongly recommend it to anyone who wants a good laugh. Who doesn’t enjoy a sarcastic memoir about someone who kept her virginity to the age of 27 while blueballing half of USC? I rarely am able to read cover to cover, but I literally kepy reading. It was just the laugh I needed to bring me back to the living. I was even happier to know that I could now start to read Heather’s newest book, My Inappropriate Life.

On a positive note, I am now 3 books closer to completing my goal of 31 reads by the end of 2013. For those who want to know what I’m reading or are looking to track their own reading progress, hop onto Shelfari and create a bookshelf of your own. You can view mine here. Lots more reading to do, that’s for sure. But don’t you dare call me a nerd…after all, that’s a candy. I’m just a little bookworm looking for a laugh and a good story line.



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