RAVE OF THE WEEK: Get yourself a Damn Coffee!

Let’s be honest: I am a child trapped in an adult’s body, and I really am okay with that.

Wish this outfit still fit me...

Wish this outfit still fit me…

Every day I go about my usual routine and something happens that makes me feel like a little kid. I have plenty of habits that line up right with those who are in grade school. For example, this morning I went to take a vitamin and instead of just taking it like a normal adult, I hid it in a vanilla pudding snack pack. Parents do this to trick their kids…I do this to trick myself.  While I may do many things that are probably ridiculous or juvenile to others, I can honestly say I do not care. I wish some of my childlike tendencies would rub off on some of the uptight people in my life who lack gumption or a desire to be themselves in a world of posers.

When I was little I would get excited over all kinds of little things…now, as an adult, I still do. The littlest things in life are really the best things, and there is nothing wrong with getting excited over them. Maybe if people didn’t have such huge expectations they wouldn’t be so miserable with their lives. This week, maybe little things happened that made me squeal with joy like a five year old.

My Little Joys of the Week

1. BFF time: My oldest BFF, Kelly, came to spend the night Wednesday because she had a training nearby. Sleepover on a school night? Don’t mind if we do. Even though we didn’t stay up as late as we did in high school, it was still a blast. Little moments like this make me so thankful she moved back to Ohio from Florida.

2. Irish Creme: From one BFF to another….Thursday morning I met Whitney at 7:15am at our usual Thursday morning meeting place, Dunkin Donuts. I love our Thursday morning coffee dates…it allows us to catch up on the week and start the day off on a positive note. This Thursday I nearly peed my pants with excitement when I saw the poster advertising Irish Creme coffee. Hello, extra large size…..I’ll be seeing you every morning until the end of time.

3. Andy Yawned, and I got to see it: Christine and I went to see our friend Andy today, and it was such a wonderful visit. Getting to see him yawn made me want to jump up and down with joy. For all of you following his CaringBridge Journal, you are aware of how he is doing, and for all of you who aren’t, I still ask that you pray for him and keep him in your thoughts. It has been three months since his accident, but I know any day now we will be laughing together as we once were.

4. I’m a rockstar: No, not musically…we all know I can’t sing to save my life. This week I finally took the plunge and had my wizard of a hairdresser get crazy on my hair, and I absolutely love the result. Bright red and edgy and different. I’m sure I will have haters (including my dad), but that’s okay with me. I mean, I do change my hair practically every month….change is good…taking risks is even better. This is one risk I am very happy I took.

Love it...even if it is a curly messy here...

Love it…even if it is a curly mess here…

5. The Great Gatsby Bargain: The first time I read “The Great Gatsby” I loved it…but that was back in seventh grade. Now that the movie is about to be released, I need to re-read it. Finding a beautiful paperback of it for $1.00…..Deal of the week! I’m so excited to remember why I loved it so much way back when.

To some people coffee, a yawn, a fancy new hairdo or a book may be boring and minuscule. Not to me. Every one of these things brought me more joy than anyone can imagine….they made me jump up and down with joy and my inner child do cartwheels. Heck, even the vitamin hidden in pudding made me smile.  I am convinced if everyone reverted back to the days when little things excited them, life would be better. Too many people I know focus their energy on big, lavish, and extravagant things…things that they think will make them happy because they think other people find them cool. That’s not happiness, my friends.

Those people need to go get an Irish Creme coffee.

One thought on “RAVE OF THE WEEK: Get yourself a Damn Coffee!

  1. Whitney B. says:

    Can’t wait to borrow Gatsby! And for Thursday morning 🙂

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