My Big 31….Update on my slacktastic ways

I need to get it together. Seriously.

It is now March….how? I feel like just yesterday was Christmas and I was getting ready to embark on My Big 31 of 2013. Two months in, I am starting to feel like an absolute slacker. I started off well, but a lot has been going on lately, and I haven’t found myself with the time to hop on and blog. I’ve barely been on Pinterest! Blasphemy!

Soooooooooooooo….two months in, and this is where I stand:

Katie’s Big 31 of 2013

 –Run 31 Races: Ohio is really trying to interfere with this one. I’ve been scheduled to run two races so far this year, and thanks to Mother Nature the hoochie, I have yet to run one. Some people may say I am being a big wussy, but I like to think of it as cautious. The Nashville Marathon is a little over a month away, and I don’t want to do anything that may cause an injury (i.e. icy running trails). The weather better cooperate for the Shamrock next weekend, because my running mate Whit and I have super cute outfits ready to roll (think tiny hats, glitter tattoos, and lots of green). Regardless, I know I am making great strides. My speed is increasing, and I like the improvement. I’m also really enjoying my membership and new friendships within the running club I joined, and after surfacing in the SARC montly newsletter two months in a row, I’ve accepted I may become a bonafide celebrity soon.

– Cook 31 New Recipes: I’m loving the recipes I have made thus far…so much that some I have made numerous times. The new recipes in my arsenal that I have conquered include banana oat breakfast cookies, sugar cinnamon monkey bread, turkey taco bake, black bean and spinach enchiladas, pink chocolate chip cookies, and homemade granola bars. I highly recommend the granola bars…I’ve made several different variations, and they have all been great (plus, way cheaper and healthier than store bought).


Fabulous enchiladas! Even my dad loved them…and he hates Mexican food!

-Complete 31 Acts of Kindness:  Ive completed quite a few of these, but still nowhere near where I would like to be with this goal. It just feels good to know I am doing nice things. Last update I had mailed letters to troops for A Million Thanks and paid for a woman’s meal at McDonalds. Since I have donated clothing and a few winter coats that were older and ill fitting to a local shelter, participated in National Random Acts of Kindness Week…where I did something nice for someone each of the five business days, and I donated two old pairs of eyeglasses that were outdated prescriptions to an organization that shares with those who need help with their vision. One of my friends recently started volunteering at the Haven of Rest shelter in downtown Akron, and I will be joining her soon to help those in need.

Read 31 Books: Yeah……….most of the books I have been reading are all school related, though I did manage to sneak in Safe Haven. So many great books are being adapted into movies, but I have a rule: I won’t see the movie unless I have read the book. Of course, Nicholas Sparks sucked me in when the Safe Haven trailer surfaced on my television. Since I was eager to go see the movie, I read the book. My classes are getting way more involved and time consuming, so I really am hoping I can devote some time to reading each night before I go to bed. We’ll see.

-Complete 31 Photo Shoots: I can’t even begin to describe how much fun I am having with my photo shoots. Many of the ones I am doing are school related, yet they are still fun, even they are of strange subject matters. When it comes to actual photo shoots, I have done three different shoots with animals thus far. We could say three and a half, as I did take some of three month old Wesley last weekend, but he wasn’t that cooperative, so I don’t think it should count. I’m planning on debuting my business name later this week, and my facebook page, which will help until my website is completely up and running.

– Share 31 Stories of Awesome Friendship: I’ve talked about three of my dear friends, Kelly, Seel, and Whit. No, they are not my only pals…I’ll be sharing more soon.

-Make 31 Crafts: The long distance mugs were a hit, but that’s as crafty as I have gotten. I did sew a hole in a pair of pants the other day…which was exciting because I don’t know how to do that stuff.

-Buy 31 New Pairs of Shoes: Oh, shoes. I’m doing well here. I absolutely have this one in the bag. My favorites so far? Still my colorful running shoes I blogged about in my last update. They are like smiles for my feet.

The mess known as the floor of my closet...I love them!

The mess known as the floor of my closet…I love them!

Here’s hoping March is a tad bit more productive………………………………………..

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