My Running Shoes Want Spring!


That’s pretty much what I did this morning when I woke up to get ready for the Mill Creek Classic, a race located back near my hometown. I’ve been excited about the race for weeks…really I think it is more because I am just anxious to get out there and push myself with some competition. Over the past two months, I have been able to shave over a minute and a half off my mile time, and I have no intention on stopping with my improvement anytime soon. I know that even though I’m running faster on my own, I know that once some other people start running around me, I will do even better.

However, when I woke up this morning, I was immediately disappointed by the weather. It had snowed all night, and the snow was still falling. I asked my dad what he thought I should do. Being that my focus is on the Nashville marathon in April, I didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize it. I’m always nervous about dad has had a few injuries because of it, and last year I slipped while running on a trail on what appeared to be a clear path. The last thing I wanted to do was injure myself. After walking down to our mailbox to get the paper, my dad told me it was pretty icy in spots. Decision made: I would regrettably sit this one out. Now I have the joy of looking forward to a six mile run on my treadmill when I get back to Akron. I’m hoping there is a Hardcore Pawn marathon on to keep my interest that whole time……

I’m really proud of the progress I have been making with my running. In reality, I only want to get faster so I can beat my dad in a race, but it is great to meet goals I set for myself. Running is, in my opinion, one of the most difficult sports out there. The end result is entirely based on you. There is no one to blame other than yourself if you don’t finish. Anyone who runs should be proud.

You know who shouldn’t be proud? Fat asses who are negative about anyone that runs. I’ve been victim of it in the past, and this week I saw it happen to someone else on Facebook. I will say, I am so excited about how many of my friends or acquaintances have started to run. The running community is an awesome thing, and it doesn’t matter if you run a 7 minute mile or a 17 minute mile…you are still faster than anyone on the couch.

When I ran my first half marathon, I had no idea what to expect, but I did know one thing: all I wanted to do was finish. From there, I knew I could improve. After my friends and finished that race, of course in Pittsburgh, we went to Fatheads to eat and have a celebratory beer. While there, we ran into a guy we graduated college with back in the day. He asked how I did, and when I told him, he not only laughed at me, but proceeded to tell me how awful I did. Really? If I had any energy left I most likely would’ve decked him, but I instead just left him with two choice words and sat down. Earlier this week, as a friend on Facebook posted her new PR, several individuals wrote on her wall how slow and terrible she was doing. It’s funny how the people who always scoff runners or their goals are always the fat asses with a high BMI who couldn’t even walk a mile, let alone run one. Quite easily, that is my new pet peeve. Running is not one does it for a pat on the back, but no one does it for criticism either.

Next time you want to comment on a runner’s speed, remember they are doing something you are not and working toward their own goals. Soooooooo…. Enjoy your Big Mac and extra body weight and shut the hell up.


One thought on “My Running Shoes Want Spring!

  1. Whitney B. says:

    Wow – I can’t believe anyone would ever say something like that. I’m always proud of you – and I’m proud of your friend, whatever her time was!

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