RAVE OF THE WEEK: Sunny Photo Shoots

Sunshine, welcome back! I’ve missed you!

That’s how I felt when I woke up this morning and noticed my old friend outside. Happy? Very. Excited? Even more so! All week long I have been looking forward to the photo shoots I had planned for today, and I was fearful that some nasty weather would jeopardize it. It’s like a fun little guessing game living in Ohio during the winter months….you can’t plan for anything because it seems like Mother Nature always has other ideas. Fortunately for me, she was on my side today.

I love that things are finally starting to come together with my business. Yes, it is a slow process, but it is definitely exciting and giving me a sense of accomplishment that I have never felt before. I’m presently developing my logo and can’t wait to reveal it to everyone on my website very soon, and I am thankful for all of those who have been supportive of me and have helped me build my portfolio. Most importantly, I am thankful to finally find something I love doing and that I know others will love.

Anyway, back to today….

The first photo shoot of the day was with a super cute four legged pooch named Simon who belongs to one of my favorite people, Jamie. I must admit, I was a little nervous about being around another dog with that name. The only Simon I’ve ever known meant so much to me, and I think of him and miss him every day. Still, part of me was ready to take on the sadness and embrace this new Simon. What a bundle of energy! I absolutely loved photographing him, and I love that he and I both love cheese. Take a look at how handsome he is!

What a handsome devil!

What a handsome devil!

Simon was an absolute blast to photograph! Special thanks to Jamie and Brian for letting me spend some time with their four legged son! You all deserve a high five!

Simon loves high fives!

Simon loves high fives!

After I left Simon, I was off to photograph another dear friend’s animals. Not just a dog this time, but also a cat. We all know I am not a big fan of cats…I just don’t think they bring much to the table. However, this cat, Mia, is different than most. She is a little sassy and just does her own thing without possessing that sneaky quality that irritates me about most cats…plus, she has amazing whiskers! I spent time photographing not only Mia, but her black lab mix brother Jake. Here’s one of my favorites of Mia:


Beautiful..and 17 years old!

700 images later, I came home exhausted but with so many amazing shots and a great sense of satisfaction. It’s so hard to believe that after nearly a decade of wanting to pursue photography, I almost didn’t. Thank heavens I followed my instinct and decided to say “to hell with it” to all of the naysayers. It’s fun to be creative and to create memories for others. I’m already looking forward to the two photo shoots I have next weekend…one of a Rhodesian Ridgeback and another with a super cute little newborn!

Here’s hoping you all are having a wonderfully Kate-tastic weekend!


One thought on “RAVE OF THE WEEK: Sunny Photo Shoots

  1. Jamie n Simon says:

    Love it! We had fun today!! Hope Simon wasn’t too overwhelming… He can be a bit much sometimes but overall he’s a pretty good pooch. Thanks for shooting us!! šŸ™‚

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