RANT OF THE WEEK: Facebook Boneheads

I will be the first to say that Facebook, at least to me, has lost most of its luster. Initially, I thought it was stupid. Back in the day when I was rockin out a myspace page, everyone else kept talking about how awesome it was, so eventually I fell subject to peer pressure and joined (I blame my friend Julie…she was the only human being without a myspace and would suggest FB quite often). While FB and I had a pretty steady love affair for awhile, we almost parted ways this Lent. I instead opted to give up alcohol, mostly because I didn’t want to miss out on many of the events that I would get notified about via FB. There are so many fundraisers and social events that I need to partake it, and since most people use this social forum as a way to invite and update others, I didn’t want to miss things that are so important to those in my life. So alcohol went, and FB stayed. I’m not sure why I have suddenly grown to hate the site I once loved, but I am blaming the following reasons:

1. The Constant Profile Picture Changer: No, I’m not referring to just any new profile pic…I am referring to a specific one. The one where the person is clearly taking the picture themselves and just changing the angle a little bit. While it is only natural to want to have a cute picture up, taking one every day is a bit ridiculous. I have one person presently on my friends list who does this every single day. Every day it is the same thing….let’s push our boobs together, act like we are being “naughty”, and upload it, just slightly different than the dumb photo you posted yesterday. My other personal favorite is the one when you are driving a car, but you pretend like you aren’t paying attention to the camera you are holding to take your unposed posed photo. For you, I have a special eCard:



2. Stupid Invites to Play Ridiculous Games: People, I work a full time job, go to school full time, am opening my own business, and dedicate time to train for my marathons. I don’t have freaking time to build a farm ( do I look like a farm girl, seriously?), have no interest in being a “Bejeweled Bedazzled whatever”, and find no enjoyment from playing poker. Cease the invites. While we are at it, if you need to send me an invite to be on your birthday calendar, you probably shouldn’t have me on your birthday list anyway. People who know me and care about my birthday know when it is.

3. Asking me to “like” something stupid to save a kid, animal, get a million dollars, whatever: Are you people really that gullible? You are the same people that will complain about getting a virus….ever think the two are related? In the event that you do get that 5 million dollars from Bill Gates, please call me so I can personally apologize, but pigs will fly first.

4. People thinking everything is about them: I like music. I like quotes. And sometimes I put things up that I love to share with others, not because it is some hidden message to someone out there. If I have something to say to you, I will say it to your face, and if you haven’t learned that about me by now, I’m guessing you don’t know me all that well. Take things for face value. Sometimes there are just good quality things that I want others to listen to or read. Furthermore, my page is my page. I can write whatever I want on it, much like you can on yours. You don’t go into a restaurant and tell their chef how to cook. If you don’t like what they make, you don’t go back there. Much like my facebook page. If you don’t like what I have to say or who I am, you don’t have to be on there. No one forced you. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

5. Hashtags: Yes, I have a twitter, but I don’t know how to work it. I don’t even know what a hashtag on there means. However, I am even more confused by their appearance daily on FB. Some people include a variety of hashtags in every status update. Why? I put one up the other day just to be a jerk, but I didn’t see anything exciting come from it. If you have to hash that much, go get some damn hashbrowns and keep that garbage in your tweets.

Facebook, I’m Over You.

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