RAVE OF THE WEEK: I’m contagious!

Yeah, that’s right. I am contagious. I hope that I give you what I have…I mean, really, I want to spread it to everyone! The more people I can infect, the better! Before you get your panties in a bunch and think I am talking about something gross and incurable, maybe I should clarify.

A few months back I told you all about my hopes and goals for 2013 . They range from increasing my shoe collection to getting healthier and many things in between. Above all, the one thing I wanted to make sure I accomplish is my goal of completing random acts of kindness to others. Yes, it is nice to run a race or make a new recipe, but it is really a wonderful thing to do nice and not expect a single thing in return.

This week was National Random Act of Kindness Week, and I was really excited about it. How had I never heard of this before? I’ll be honest…I actually felt really bad that I hadn’t been nicer in the past, and I was curious if others would follow my lead if I told them about it. Am I the only person that feels like they have dropped the ball with kindness?

Monday I crept into work early…I wanted to start the week off with a kind act and not get busted. I decided to tape an envelope on the vending machine in the student lounge. Inside, I put money for a snack and drink. While I got busted by a co-worker, no students saw me, although I did end up getting to see the lucky person who found it. Inside I had placed a note that said, ” Be kind to others”, and I hope that they paid it forward.


Have a Snack on Me!

Tuesday morning I woke up to an icy car. Mornings like that remind me why I should never buy a car without a remote starter again. I was ahead of schedule that morning, so after I defrosted and scraped my car, I scraped the ice off two of my neighbors’ cars. I’m not sure who they belong to, but I know I would like to wake up to my car not needing cleaned off, so I hoped that helped their morning start off in a positive light. I also stopped by the mall, went into The Limited (my absolute favorite store) and gave a woman at the check out counter a coupon for $50 off any purchase of $150. I think she thought it was weird that I approached her, but she was really happy when she realized I was only being nice and didn’t want anything from her. She couldn’t stop thanking me.

Wednesday I decided to do something nice for my mailman. She is a really nice lady who never complains and always makes sure I get my magazines on time. On top of that, every time I see her, she gives me a compliment that makes me feel great. So I made her a little treat bag, filled it with all kinds of fabulous candies, and left it in my mailbox with a note that said “Thanks for always being so sweet! Have a great day.”  She gave me a big hug when I saw her today and told me how it made her day.

Thursday was Valentine’s Day, which is my least favorite holiday. However, I decided this Valentine’s Day I would get on board with the hoopla, wear fancy red rose shoes, and make some Valentine’s treats for my co-workers. Since I love pink and I know they love chocolate, I made pink chocolate chip cookies and brought them in cute heart shaped donuts.

That's the cutest cookie dough I've ever seen!

That’s the cutest cookie dough I’ve ever seen!

In addition, I wanted to do something nice for my dear friend, Deanna, who is very active in a wonderful organization called C.A.R.E. (Citizens for Addiction Recovery and Education). C.A.R.E. hosted a “Lady and the Tramp Dinner Dance” tonight to raise funds and awareness. Since I was unable to attend, I decided to make a basket for the raffle. If you know me, you know I love making baskets. I’d make them for every benefit out there if I could! The hardest part of making a basket? Deciding what the theme should be! I decided to make Deanna a “Tea for Two” Basket, and I am so tickled at how it turned out! Deanna, I hope you raised a ton of money! I am so proud of you for your dedication to such an amazing cause!

Its contents: A teapot, two big matching teacups, an assortments of teas, and two different scone mix (You can't have tea without scones!)

Its contents: A teapot, two big matching teacups, an assortments of teas, and two different scone mixes (You can’t have tea without scones!)

When I started to spread the word about National Random Act of Kindness Week, I did get a few snickers and “whatevers”, but it shocked me how many of my friends decided to get on board and do nice things for others as well! I wanted to do nice things for others because it makes me feel good to help others, and I love when people are happy. Knowing that my actions are inspiring others to do their own kind acts? Incredible. I can’t even tell you how good that makes me feel inside. Just because the week is officially over does not mean I am going to cease the acts of kindness. Realistically, the things I did were very inexpensive or free, so you don’t have to spend a lot to make someone smile.I have no intent on giving up anything that gives me this good a high ever.

I hope I infected you.

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