Pops Needs to Back Off.

Whenever I need a little chuckle, I always know exactly where to turn: the Camera Roll on my iPhone. I love the photos I have collected and reference them often. Earlier today I was looking for a specific photo I had taken awhile back and came across a gem Kelly had sent me about a year ago. The photo, written by a troubled individual (to say the least), shows  answers to one very important question: What does a 10 look like when it comes to your life?


After laughing at this photo and the fact that Pops needs to back off, I started to think about what a 10 looks like when it comes to my own personal life. Now this guy obviously was trying to get on the straight and narrow. I like to think that I am on the right path, but every once in awhile it is good to think about what makes you happy. So…… I decided to compile my own list.  No, hooking up with Jessica Alba is not on my life. I must say, when I decided to make the list, I thought it would be pretty easy, but it really wasn’t as easy as I had thought.

What Does a 10 Look Like for Katie?

Sunday Dinner with my Family.

Completing a Run I didn’t think I could do.

Having a student tell me I changed their life (I get teary-eyed every time).

Belly aching laughter with my friends.

A relaxing weekend trip to Marietta (and chocolate covered orange peels from Putnam’s!)

Hugs. The really good ones.

Fantastic Heels, a Pencil Skirt, Mac “So Chaud” lipstick, and a good hair day.

Capturing the perfect photo.

Inside jokes with my brother.

Having a Bagel with Lox at Chelsea Market.

Getting a text message from the person who makes me happiest, regardless of the time of day.

Watching the sun set while drinking a margarita on a beautiful beach.

Running with my dad, then drinking wine and eating chocolate with my mom.

I realized when I wrote this out that some of these things aren’t happening as often as I would like. I think it is important that we ask ourselves why the things that make us happiest aren’t happening more often.  My hope is that I am able to incorporate more of them into my life on a regular basis…we all should have something that makes us feel amazing. All of these things put me on Cloud Nine, and let’s face it, that’s a really good place to be.

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