Hey, Hey, I’m a Monkey….

And people say I monkey around!!!!! That is, by far, the most annoying song ever, and now it is stuck in your head. You’re welcome.

For months I have been salivating every single time I log onto Facebook and see a picture of monkey bread posted. Yeah, I know….I am one of those people who does not understand why people post pictures of food on facebook. It makes me so mad. What is the point of it, seriously? The only exception to this horrible Facebook No-No is the picture of the monkey bread. That is totally acceptable to me.  My college pals, Nick and Nikki, make it for their two young sons often, and it always looks so freakin’ delicious. Even though Nick has emailed me the recipe multiple times, I never ever got around to making it. That is, until Monday when I decided to make it for my co-workers. It is so easy, so delicious, and kid-friendly (even if I am not). Here’s how you make it!


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