My Big 31…One month in!

I came into 2013 Guns Blazing, that is for sure. I set goals for myself and am commited to each and every one of them. January is almost over, and I have been making significant strides to meet the goals I have set for myself. As an update, this is what I have done so far:

KATIE’S BIG 31 OF 2013

– Run 31 Races: I haven’t run a race yet, but that will be changing soon. My first of the year will be this Saturday, February 2nd! I am really looking forward to getting back into race mode but really hoping it isn’t a blizzard.

– Cook 31 New Recipes: I’ve been doing pretty well with this. So far I have made turkey taco bake, black bean and spinach enchiladas, banana oat breakfast cookies, and sugar cinnamon monkey bread. I’ve loved every single one of them….they were all fantastic!

-Complete 31 Acts of Kindness: I’m nowhere near where I wanted to be with this goal. So far I have mailed letters to troops for A Million Thanks and paid for a woman’s meal at McDonalds. I know I have done other nice things, but I am really trying to complete 31 acts that truly make a difference to someone, not just be a nice gesture.

Read 31 Books: Slacker alert! That’s me here. Since I started back to school on the 3rd, I have been crazy busy with homework and projects, so the books I have been reading have been school related. I haven’t even updated My Shelfari Bookshelf completely yet! I am going to return to reading Bossypants this week though.

-Complete 31 Photo Shoots: I am goose egging it here, too. Fortunately, that is about to change as I am going to be completing an animal photo shoot this week! Remember, if you have a little person or a four legged pal, I want to take their photo.

– Share 31 Stories of Awesome Friendship: I shared two stories thus far, one of my dear pal Kelly and one about my friend, Seel.  I have many more to share about the wonderful souls in my life.

-Make 31 Crafts: The only craft I have completed are my super cute long distance mugs. I am going to attempt a scarf this weekend. This could be a problem since I love scarves.

-Buy 31 New Pairs of Shoes: Shoes Shoes Shoes, I love you! The three pairs I have bought so far are fabulous…and one pair was only $5! My favorite (or course) are the new running shoes I found that are so Kate-tastic…..

The most amazing running shoes I have ever seen!

The most amazing running shoes I have ever seen!


Yes, I know I have work to do, but I know I will get things done. I work hard and am committed to what I love, and everything I have made goals regarding are things I truly love. I must say, every time I cross something off of my list, I feel a true sense of satisfaction, not only because I am one step closer to meeting my goals, but because I know that I am becoming a better, more rounded (and better dressed) human.

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