Snail Mail at its finest!

We all should strive to be kinder to others. I’m not just talking about me, but all of us. Even though we may think we are kind people, are we really?

I sat down in December to figure out my goals for 2013, and the one thing I knew was that I wanted to be a better person. Not just to feel better about myself, but because I honestly wanted others to feel better in some way about themselves and their lives. Yes, it will be cool when I make 31 new recipes and when I cross the finish line of 31 races, but the goal I am most excited about this year is completing at least 31 acts of kindness for others. If, in some way, this goal of mine has inspired others to do better as well, then I have truly won.

Earlier today I met my dear friend, Whitney, at the local Panera to grab a quick bite and chat. After our lunch and some retail therapy at TJ Maxx, I jumped in my car and headed home. As I waited to turn left onto my road, I noticed an SUV full of gentlemen wearing Army fatigues, and this got me thinking about the military. As I am sure we all are, I am extremely thankful for those serving our country. My Grandfather Bob, who died when I was only 6, was a proud war Veteran and a true hero. In addition to my grandfather, I have had many friends and colleagues serve this country proudly.

So proud of this man: My Grandpa Bob

So proud of this man: My Grandpa Bob

Earlier in the week I remembered one of my facebook friends writing about an organization called A Million Thanks that sent letters to soldiers currently serving in the military. I needed to do this. Getting mail is great! Knowing I am thanking someone for their selfless acts of service…even better! As soon as I got home I picked out a variety of thank you notes from my ginormous card collection.  I then wrote out 10 cards to send to soldiers through this organization. I’m not sure why I didn’t do this sooner or why I haven’t done it more often, but I do intend on doing this frequently moving forward. Yes, I got a cramp in my hand after 10, but I was able to complete them as I watched tv and those are 10 people getting a note of thanks that maybe wouldn’t have. If we all wrote a couple cards as we watched our favorite shows, just think how many soldiers would be receiving snail mail!

I strongly encourage you all to check out this great organization and thank a soldier. In the event that the link above does not send you there directly, please type into your search engine. You then can click on the “Send a letter” tab for directions. There is truly no better gift than saying THANK YOU to those who give you the freedoms we all get to enjoy every day!

Not too girlie...and I even threw in some of my favorite mustache ones!

Not too girlie…and I even threw in some of my favorite mustache ones!

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