Black Beans, I love you.

Gosh, is that an understatement. I wish I could marry Black Beans. I am literally trying to find ways to incorporate them into whatever I eat.

After I semi-flipped out in my earlier post, I decided I needed to chill myself out. Since I have been under the weather and can’t resort to my usual stress reliever of running, shopping, dancing, or yoga, I decided to try out another recipe. After all, I do have 31 recipes to make this year, and I’ve only made one to this point. Hello, slacker.

There are so many things I wanted to make, but being that I’ ve been sick, I didn’t want to make anything I could share with my co-workers. I know they are weird about germs, just like me, so I didn’t want to chance it and be forced to consume an entire spread of monkey bread or cauliflower pizza (yes, I will be making that). I love love love Mexican…having Tres Portillos in my backyard is extremely damaging. So I opted for a healthy recipe, “Turkey Taco Bake”. Extremely easy, healthy, and fabulous!


-Lean Ground Turkey (I suppose if you don’t care about calories you could substitute ground beef)

-One packet taco seasoning

-1 Box Brown Rice

-1 Can Black Beans (Joan of Arc is my favorite!)

-Low fat shredded cheese

-Sour Cream


If you are into other taco toppings (tomatoes, green onions, etc) you can always add those as well.

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