RANT OF THE WEEK: Keep drinkin’ that Haterade!

Let’s get something clear: I have never been the kind of person to do things because others think I should or because they think something is right. I do my own thing. I know I am fantastic person whose makeup includes a great heart, sarcastic sense of humor, loyalty, blunt attitude, and a little bit of stubbornness. Take it or leave it, folks, that’s how I have always been and how I will remain.

While I don’t care what others may think of me, it annoys the daylights out of me when someone tries to slam me for something I am doing. It’s the motive behind it, not what is actually being said. Aren’t people in one’s life supposed to be supportive? Take this blog, for example. I have wanted to have a blog for a long time, but for various reasons never got it up and running until late 2012. I’m a creative person by nature…..I love to write and delve into various creative outlets, so turning to a blog seemed like a great creative outlet for me. If people wanted to read it, good for them…they got to learn a little more about me or my life. But if no one out there wanted to read it, I wouldn’t care. I do this for me. I’ve never believed you should write for anyone other than yourself. If you do, I feel like you choose to eliminate the honesty, the truth, and the raw feelings you would share otherwise. Starting this blog was nothing new to me. I’ve written in journals my entire life. Naturally, when I decided to get this blog up and running, I told the people who know me best: my family and friends.

If I have learned one thing over the past year, it is that people who I thought were key individuals in my life ended up being the people who had the power to hurt me the most. I’ve had friends kick me when I was at my absolute lowest and try to devalue things that mattered to me. I’ve had a member of my extended family change my entire vision of what the term “family” means. Most recently I had a person who claimed to “love” me tell me that I was extremely selfish for writing a blog. How is writing a blog selfish? The purpose of this blog is to talk about things pertaining to my life, yes, but it is also about all of the wonderful and not so wonderful things that happen….the great people in my life, fun adventures, creative experiences, just life. I guess if anyone thinks that this blog is a selfish act, well, then don’t read it….and you probably shouldn’t try to be a part of my life either.

Bottoms up on that haterade, bitches!

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