Health and Happiness in 2013!

We all know I love to bake. It makes me happy and serves as a release for stress when I’ve had a rough day. Plus my coworkers and friends love when I surprise them with treats. I cannot associate anything negative with baking…it reminds me of wonderful memories with my mother and grandmothers.

Well, I guess there is one negative thing when it comes to baking…..those calories.  I don’t even want to tell any of you how many reside in one of my famous banana cupcakes.

I’ve always been pretty cautious of what kind of food I eat, but I have always been the kind of person that will not cut out something if I truly want to eat it. Buster bars are my absolute favorite. I have a real cheese addiction. I am obsessed with orange flavored chocolate. Sweet tea may run through my veins. If I am running late to work and really want my favorite breakfast sandwich from Chick-Fil-A, I will grab it. When I do fall off the wagon and eat some garbage food, I try to work out a little longer. To this point, I have felt that one shouldn’t limit yourself if something makes you happy.

Insert medical shenanigans. I call them that because that is exactly what they are. For the past two years, I have had numerous issues that cannot be explained by the medical professionals who have taken a fortune from me. I’ve been told I am allergic to gluten, which resulted in a gluten-free (and miserable!) lifestyle for a year. I’ve been told I have a thyroid that doesn’t work. Lactose intolerant? Yep, been told that, too. After a great deal of consideration and research, I finally decided to pursue something I’ve considered for a while: Holistic medicine. To me, I always associated it with tree-hugging hippies or weirdos. I didn’t know anyone who had successfully tried it, so I refused to try it myself. All I knew was I was tired of paying money to worthless medical quacks. Fortunately for me, one of my friends, Tiffany, had taken the plunge with the holistic thing and shared her story with me. Thanks to her, I get to meet my holistic doctor tomorrow for an intense evaluation that will hopefully have me feeling great sooner than later.

Since I’ve already been warned about some of the specifics of holistic medicine, namely the fact that I will have to break up with some important friends (sugar, mostly), I’ve been slowly making changes over the past couple of weeks with my diet and habits. I’m excited to be healthier, but not sure if I will be able to adapt as easily as I would like. Lucky for me, my family supports me. My dad is a big inspiration to me when it comes to my health. He got me into running and thinking about making some changes to what I eat, but he also has me realizing I don’t have to be deprived. My dad will eat healthy all day long…protein shakes and organic/clean foods, yet there are nights that he will indulge in his favorite Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Thanks to him I have learned it is all about moderation.

Back to my baking. I still love it (and yes, friends, I will still make you heavenly creations), but I am now trying to bake new recipes that are healthier and can keep me energized. Earlier this week I found a recipe on Pinterest (hard to believe I was on that site again, I know) for Banana Oat Breakfast Cookies that claimed to be healthy,energizing and delicious. Yeah, right. I love my eggs, waffles, and bacon in the morning and didn’t know if I was ready for a cookie that wasn’t loaded with chocolate chips. Still, I skeptically decided that I would attempt these little “delights”. Here we go, health!!!!! I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

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