RANT OF THE WEEK: Clari-freakin-Nets.

Yes, I said Clari-freakin-net. Ugh. I hate them.

Let’s get one thing straight: I love the arts. I am a nerd when it comes to that stuff. I hate that many schools are getting rid of them for budgetary reasons. Thinking back to my own educational experience, being able to participate in activities such as band and art club really opened a lot of doors for me..and I know activities like the arts have kept many people (including me) out of trouble.

Let’s get another thing straight: I like peace and quiet. I like it when I am dedicating my evening to reading a book, doing yoga, or watching a Sex and the City marathon. I like it when I come home from an exhausting day of work with a pounding headache. I especially like it when I am sleeping in at 9am on a Sunday with no intention on waking before noon.

As many of you know, I recently moved to a new apartment much closer to my job. This temporary move meant I would be leaving my large condo that always provided me with peace and quiet in a neighborhood that I loved. I knew there would be sacrifices…closet space, a short drive to Marshalls, and fabulous running routes, for starters… but I really didn’t think peace would be one of those things. My mother can give you an exact count of how many times I have moved…it has been a lot…but I have always been fortunate in living somewhere that is a relaxing space for me.

I stayed up later than usual last night watching movies. It was one of those nights that every movie I was in the mood to watch was on tv (I just can’t say no when Letters to Juliet comes on). It was relaxing…watching movies under my treasured heated blanket, drinking a hot toddy or two, and knowing that I could sleep in all day today if I wanted to. That is, until my neighbor decided to bust out her clarinet and hold an impromtu concert at 8:58am. This was really nice, especially since I have been able to “enjoy” this concert numerous times over the past several weeks. Girl, you are terrible. You need more practice, and you need a space to practice that doesn’t interfere with the lives of those around you.

Ugh…what is with people! Does anyone not respect others anymore?  I was ready to drop kick someone. Correction….I am ready to drop kick someone.

I made the decision when I moved in to get rid of my dining room set so I could put my treadmill in my dining area…for me, I wanted to have the option to run when I wanted to. However, I am courteous of those around me. There are plenty of times when I would like to hop on it and run at 10pm, but I don’t because I know it may be loud and possibly disturb someone. Where is the courtesy with the clarinet? Two weeks ago when this happened, I retaliated the best way I knew…I put on my trusty Wicked Soundtrack from the Broadway musical, turned up my favorite song, Defying Gravity, assumed the role of Elphaba, and I sang at the top of my lungs. If I had the pipes of Idina Menzel, this would’ve been enjoyable for others. I, on the other hand, am pretty sure I shattered a few windows, but I didn’t care. It was 6pm and musical hour in my apartment complex, and I wanted to participate. Sorry, neighbors.

I’m not quite sure what to do to handle the clarinet situation, but I know I will come up with something. Part of me is wishing that I still had my recorder from Miss Francisco’s 5th grade music class.  All I know is that it annoys me, and I think it is unbelieveably rude. I also am thankful that as a child, I did not have to worry about growing up in an apartment complex and playing my flute for all to hear. Punishing my parents with that nonsense was enough.

Here’s hoping that tomorrow is a peaceful morning and clarinets around the world are magically broken tonight at midnight.

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