Whether it be a blog post, text message, email, or a facebook status update, it is always my intention when writing anything to make someone somewhere laugh. There really is no better sound than laughter, and really there are not many feelings more amazing than a nice, hearty laugh. Yet, even I, the sarcastic devil that I am, have moments where I don’t have anything clever or witty to say. Today is one of those days.

Yes, I am aware that I have already shared my “Rant of the Week” for this week. However, the events of today have repulsed me to another level, and I needed to rant. Sometimes a good, quality rant is the best medicine. Well, that and a White Russian.

I’m tired. I’m tired of violence. I’m tired of people feeling entitled to go take their sad little lives out on undeserving people. I’m tired of people not having the balls to seek out the help that they clearly need. I’m tired of knowing so many families have to live with an emptiness that can never ever be fixed. I’m tired of the over analyzation and pyschobabble that surrounds the monsters that get gun happy and shoot up places. They are monsters. Who cares why they did it? The bottom line is they did it and so many people will never ever be the same.

How does someone hurt children? Little innocent people who believe all people are good and that life is beautiful. It absolutely disgusts me. I never thought when I hopped on the internet earlier that I would see such a horrifying headline….I just wanted to check my horoscope! Being that I was at work and in between a holiday luncheon and a meeting, I didn’t have much time to read about the events that had taken place at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Once I got home and was able to put on my trusty friend CNN, I grew more and more disturbed. Every day I feel all we have to share are nasty, negative stories. It makes me sad to think about what this world is becoming. If all of these people committing these horrific acts were so miserable, why didn’t they just kill themselves and not subject any other people to the violence? Selfish, selfish, selfish. I cannot even imagine what these families are feeling. With the holidays approaching, it is only natural to focus even more on family than any other time of the year. These poor parents and siblings will never, ever be right again, not to mention the poor children who witnessed their classmates being gunned down.

It seems as though everyone has an opinion on this situation. My facebook news feed is full of posts about how our country needs to restrict the laws circulating guns. I cannot agree more. It seems like more and more people who shouldn’t own a gun are getting one. Correspondents on the various news stations are ridiculous with how they are tearing apart this story, just like everything else. I just wish our country would stop glorifying these killers and awful situations…all it is doing is encouraging a copycat syndrome for other creepy individuals.  Not only are these crazies buying and using guns, but they are doing so without the proper education. This fires me up more than anything. Parents that own guns aren’t taking the proper precautions to keep them out of the hands of those who don’t know how to properly operate them. Did this crazy Adam Lanza guy who decided to shoot up his mother’s school steal the guns from his mother? Why did she have all of those guns? Ahhhhh….the questions, the questions. I really hope that our society sees that something needs to be done to prevent these kinds of things from happening. The application process needs to be stricter. Right now it is an absolute joke. Is anywhere safe anymore? Malls, movie theaters, elementary schools…it seems like wherever we go there needs to be a plan in place just in case a shooter emerges.

I wish this mongrel would not have taken the easy way out after destroying all of those lives. Absolute garbage. Cowardly behavior. Pure scum. I hope that the other psychopaths in hell eat him alive. And I could only hope that a terrible event like today’s shooting makes each and every one of us realize how precious life is. How lucky we are to have those in our lives that we do.

Thinking of all of those impacted by today’s loss with a very heavy heart.



One thought on “RANT OF THE WEEK: The Sequel

  1. Well said, Katie Mae ❤

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