RANT OF THE WEEK: “Reply All” Abusers

Let’s face it, I get fired up by many things. Maybe I just have a short fuse, I don’t know, but I like to think that many of the things that drive me crazy are things that annoy others as well. If they don’t, let just pretend that they do.

As a member of corporate America, I get bombarded every day with emails. Of course, many of them are legit that require some form of attention. However, every once in a while, an email circulates that has been sent to a group of people. Whenever this happens the probability of me getting fired up increases exponentially. Why, you ask? There is always a moron who doesn’t understand the difference between the “Reply” button and the “Reply All” button. What is it with these people? This drives me crazy, and if you work in my office, you hear me complain about it every time it happens. Usually the people hitting the “Reply All” button are simply doing it to be a kiss up to someone in a higher role. They are also usually the most annoying people in the office (you know I’m right).

For those people, I have included a diagram to assist in preventing “Reply All” Madness in the future. While it is nice to congratulate or thank someone, please just send your congratulatory message to that person…NO ONE CARES!!!! Just stop it.

Please click on the image below and forward it to all of the “Reply All” Abusers in your life.


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