Mustache+Cookie Cutter = Munchstache!

At least once a week I convince myself that it is a smart idea to go to Target on my hour lunch break. Worst idea ever. I always tell myself I only need one or two items….then I end up leaving with about a hundred, and none of them are ever what I went there to buy in the first place.  Making a list doesn’t help. Somehow I always end up finding something sooooooo cooooool that I have to buy it that very minute, drop the list, and chaos ensues. Coming back into my office after Target is kind of like doing the Walk of Shame in college. My co-workers practically do an over/under bet every time I let them know that’s my lunchtime destination… and then I feel embarrassed when I have to confess that I bought Rolos, leopard high heels, heart shaped Post-Its, and whatever else I had to have that day.

After going almost a full week without a trip to Target, I realized I had to stop there Friday to return some Furbys (Don’t ask). After returning those creepy little furry animal wannabees, I decided I needed to get toothpaste and went trolling around the store. As I approached the housewares section, it was almost as if the heavens had opened up, as a glorious glow seemed to radiate from the end cap by the pots and pats. Is that what I think it is???? Why, yes, yes it is! Mustaches! In the form of cookie cutters!

Perhaps I should state that I have an obsession with mustaches. I think they are really funny. I follow Beardteam USA…I play mustache trivia games with my friends…and if it has a mustache on in, the chances of me buying it are pretty high. Imagine my happiness when I saw these fabulous little cookie cutters in the shape of mustaches!!! I practically peed my pants. And then something stupid happened……

I was responsible. For some reason I told myself that I didn’t need to buy these edible mustache makers. So I walked away, purchased toothpaste and only toothpaste, and went back to work. I was proud of myself for about a hot ten minutes, then I told myself that I wanted them and needed to go back to get them. I had a cookie exchange coming up, and who wouldn’t want a dozen mustaches to eat??!?!?!?! I returned to Target after work to buy said cookie cutters……….and they were gone. I’ve been on a mission ever since to get these items into my possession, and today I FINALLY located them! Thank heavens for the world wide web.

If you haven’t been on Perpetual Kid’s website, you are missing out. They have so many excellent finds, especially for people who like strange, funny things. Best of all: they have the Munchstache! I didn’t think twice before ordering and am looking forward to baking some crazy staches. I bet they will look super cool on my mother’s beautiful Christmas cookie platter!!!!
Click below to purchase your very own munchstache!
The Munchstache!

One thought on “Mustache+Cookie Cutter = Munchstache!

  1. Whitney B. says:

    1. Love Perpetual Kid. 2. Why returning tr Furbys?!

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